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FRESH Adzuki Bean Tempeh is an extremely versatile food to cook with.
You can slice it, dice it, shave it, crumble it, mince it, shred it or cook it whole.
Tempeh can be sautéed, fried, grilled, baked and stewed amongst other various methods of cooking.


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 Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay), is a traditional Indonesian food that dates back to the 16th century.
It was most popular on the island of Java. Tempeh is made by a natural culturing and controlled incubation process that binds beans into a block! The end result, after 36-48 hours of incubation, is a bean cake with
a meat-like mushroom texture and nutty umami flavor. 

Tempeh is made by using any type of whole bean or grain mixed with a controlled
culture called Rhizopus Oryzae. This grows the Tempeh into a block.
Compared to Tofu, which is made by blending soybean milk with nigari
(a coagulant derived from seawater) Then formed into a block.

This Rhizopus Oryzae culture uses the beans as a substrate to
grow mycellium (mushroom), which is what binds the beans together and
breaks the proteins down into simple amino acids that the body can easily assimilate. 
Tempeh’s fermentation process and retention of the whole bean give it a
higher content of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins.


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Tempeh is a complete protein food and is one of the highest known
vegetarian sources of vitamin B12.  It contains all the essential amino acids, and is The Most digestible way to eat whole beans.

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